You have the Power to design the life you want to live, true health is contagious, when you express it your mere presence will heal. If you are trying to fix yourself, you are not going anywhere, you are completely who you are, your unlimited potential lies in the power of healing your body and soul.

Ask yourself what do you want? What is vital to your wellbeing? Ask yourself what gifts do you have to share with the world, and how best to utilize them?

Imagine a life full of wonderful adventure’s, enriching and loving relationships, vitality of health and deep connection to spirit.

Allow me to help you place the first piece of the puzzle, lets explore the road map of your life together.

I invite you to have Powerful conversations with your Soul. You came here to be someone amazing and live a blissful life, not to struggle or feel pain, not to worry over money, relationships or Career.

By looking at your Unique blueprint you will discover your strengths, talents and an answer to everyone of your Why questions.

Give yourself the gift of discovering who you truly are today.

Debbie started her working career at the age of 16, moving into pharmaceuticals and studying pharmacy by day and qualifying as a beauty therapist by night whilst pregnant with her first child aged 20. Her love of pharmacy took over and soon after the birth of her son she returned to study, spanning a 17-year career in NHS pharmacy. She worked in many fields including retail, hospital and prison pharmacies where she set up a drug and rehabilitation clinic and worked closely with Doctors and Consultants to provide home care medication for the elderly and patients with special needs.

She was head hunted to join a cluster of practitioners to start working in-house in the medical community to advise on the best suitable medicines for their patients. It was while working there that she had a ‘eureka’ moment and decided to set up a cleaning business. In 2009, through word of mouth, Debbie picked up her first cleaning contract, progressing to 20 clients within the first year. Her company became the Number 1 cleaning company, specialising in health centre cleaning, across Swansea South Wales, taking the business from zero to five figures in 8 months then to six figures in just over 12 months.  All this whilst still working 40 hours a week in her pharmacy role!

Unsurprisingly, Debbie decided that something had to give and she walked away from her NHS role to concentrate on the business. Having successfully ran the business on her own for another two years, with 50 employees, her passion for the business soon became a double-edged sword, causing Debbie to burn out and the business was taken into liquidation. Not wanting her staff and clients to suffer, Debbie started afresh with a new business, taking her staff and clients with her and with hard work and lessons learned she turned the business around and still retained her clients.

I want to say thanks to you Debbie for the amazing report you did for me. It is great to have my secrets revealed! I am blown away by not only the accuracy of it but also by your generosity with your time and patience with me asking all those questions! And the fact you have solutions to things I wan’t sure how to change. I am recommending you to anyone I speak to who might need this blueprint for themselves.
Vivienne Hill

Vivienne Hill MSc BSc Hons (Pharmacy) AHA GQHP BFRP

About Debbie:

  • 27 years of customer service experience,
  • 10 years of running a Successful Business,
  • Entrepreneur
  • Board Member for The YMCA Swansea
  • Business Mentor for Business Wales
  • Columnist
  • Human Design Specialist
  • EFT Practitioner
  • CBT therapist
  • Akashic Records practitioner
  • A Past Life Regression and Inner child therapist
  • Medical Intuitive with a beautiful gift of Clairsentience
  • A Licenced coach at One of Many ™
  • CMMS Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach
  • A lover and worker with angels everyday
  • Blessed with two beautiful children aged 18 and 21


Her guardian angel is her dog who is always by her side and books are her ‘shoes’ – she will often have three or more on the go.


Debbie’s passion and endless knowledge shines through from the moment you meet her. As a business woman I was curious to clarify ‘Who am I?’….the report provided is in-depth and simply fascinating.  I found myself nodding the whole way through, shocked by the results and amazed by the information that was put to paper. What I found more beneficial was the reports provided for my daughters. I often worry about their thoughts, behavior and future.  The results were incredible and in a way ‘lifted the weight from my shoulders’…. they taught me to be (even more) proud, confident and excited for my girls.  A must for every woman and mother!

Kate Watts

Thank you so much for my Unique Energy Blueprint chart and report.  It is amazing!  It has answered so many questions.  I have spent my life working hard and trying to achieve goals/make things happen.  Now I know why I was doing the very opposite of what I should have been doing, and why they all were blocked from being ultimately successful.

The report was so accurate about my nature, the way that I think and respond.  But it also gave me the missing link.  The reasons why I had continual blocks.

You have now given me the blueprint of how to lead my future life.  How to tap into my true destiny and work in the way that I was meant to.  I will keep you updated Debbie, but I am now very hopeful.

I am so truly grateful and I would recommend everyone to have a reading with you to make sense of their life!

Jan Cassells-Waite

Debbie will help you Make Powerful business decisions that allow you to fully express your excellence and step into your role as a world -changing, highly respected expert.

  • Help you to discover your Strengths, your Gifts, and Talents.
  • Work with you to Create Structure in your life, Business,Relationships and health
  • Help you to overcome fears around Money and abundance
  • Work with you to understand that Struggles and Challenges are Powerful ways to help you Expand and Grow and stay in Optimal potential of your life
  • Help you discover your soul and Life purpose so you can start to become the fullest expression of WHO you really are, and to realise that this is an ongoing journey.


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