Do you know who you are ?

Do you know why you are here ?

Do you know how powerful you are ?

You have the power to create the life you want to live, true health is contagious. When you express it your mere presence will heal. If you are trying to fix yourself, you are not going anywhere; you are completely who you are, your unlimited potential lies in the power of healing your body and soul.

Ask yourself what do you want? What is vital to your wellbeing? Ask yourself what gifts do you have to share with the world, and how best to utilise them?

Imagine a life full of wonderful adventures, enriching and loving relationships, vitality of health and deep connection to spirit.

Allow me to help you place the first piece of the puzzle, lets explore the road map of your life together.

I invite you to have powerful conversations with your soul. You came here to be someone amazing and live a blissful life, not to struggle or feel pain, not to worry over money, relationships or career.

Give yourself the gift of discovering who you truly are today

The power of self-discovery

Its time for you to step it up and make a change. The world desperately needs the gifts that you were born with to share. We have the power in our hands to make a difference and help heal the world.

How can I help you?

My gift as an Intuitive and Psychic Medium is to help you improve your lives in different ways.

· I can help you recalibrate yourself back into your body
· I can hear your thoughts,
· I feel your sense of value
· I know what you are thinking
·  what drives you
·  what makes you fearful
· I feel deeply into your bodies, by merging with your energies.

I work with you on an individual basis using divination tools such as Oracle Cards and Past Life Regression .

Oracle Cards

I use Oracle Cards as a way to help navigate you from a place of uncertainty to one of clarity and knowing. This can help you to reflect on your choices from a place of inspired wisdom to confidently make the decisions that will shape your life the way you really want it. (read more)

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a type of therapy that can recover memories of past lives or other incarnations. These memories may reveal the source of fears or provide insight into a current life challenge or relationship conflict, it is perfect for getting to the root cause.

A session of Past Life Regression is an extraordinary journey and a very unique experience for each individual. It takes you back to the most recent, significant life time that is most beneficial for healing purposes. During the session we are able to uncover important issues or blockages that need to be addressed that are affecting you in this present life time. Certain patterns, fears, phobias or relationships could be related to your past life, as are other interesting facts and secrets that are stored in your subconscious. (read more)

Soul Wisdom Coaching
This is a 28-day programme dedicated to an in-depth clearing and cleansing of different aspects of your life: mind, body and soul .

By following the carefully crafted steps you will start to remember your authentic self. You will discover :
· Who you are
· Why you are here
· What is your soul mission
· How to love yourself
· Start to put your needs first
· Live a peaceful life
· Release negative unhelpful patterns

Debbie has served many clients in helping them discover their true selves, potentials and strengths, providing a platform for self-discovery, authentic living, fulfilment and success.

Women focused

I work with focus on feminine energies.

In today’s world, many of us will have suppressed our masculine and/or feminine energies to cope with modern day pressures of work, family and relationships. This in turn can have a lasting and potentially damaging effect on our bodies, …especially for us women.

We are not designed to ‘live in the masculine [energy]’. Our monthly cycles may be erratic, we might face hormonal imbalance, fertility struggles, and gain weight.

Our womanhood is a unique expression of the ‘divine feminine coming into alignment’. It is about releasing the things that inhibit our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us.

It is about US reclaiming who we really ARE.

· Women are suffering from excessive working hours and stress 71% have said they suffered from panic or anxiety attacks.
· 81% of women say they check their work emails everyday outside office hours
· More than 60% of women have said they have negleted their appearence or health through stress.
· 44% of women say they drink alcohol daily to destress
· 29% of us are going to be treated for a mental health condition in our lifes
· 42% of marriages are ending in divorce
· 10 million women have eating disorders

I want to say thanks to you Debbie for the amazing report you did for me. It is great to have my secrets revealed! I am blown away by not only the accuracy of it but also by your generosity with your time and patience with me asking all those questions! And the fact you have solutions to things I wan’t sure how to change. I am recommending you to anyone I speak to who might need this blueprint for themselves.
Vivienne Hill

Vivienne Hill MSc BSc Hons (Pharmacy) AHA GQHP BFRP

We all need a guardian angel at some point in our lives. My situation felt chaotic, literally couldn’t see the wood from the trees. Debbie was that angel who brought clarity to the chaos. She continues to guide me and made me trust myself again. We are in regular contact and I no longer feel alone. I cannot underestimate the support Debbie has and continues to give me. I’m not out of the woods by any means, but I’m not scared of the future anymore. SM - anon,

About Debbie:

  • 27 years of customer service experience,
  • 10 years of running a Successful Business,
  • Entrepreneur
  • Columnist
  • EFT Practitioner
  • CBT therapist
  • Akashic Records practitioner
  • A Past Life Regression and Inner child therapist
  • Medical Intuitive with a beautiful gift of Clairsentience
  • A Licenced coach at One of Many ™
  • CMMS Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach
  • Human Design Specialist
  • A lover and worker with angels everyday
  • Blessed with two beautiful children aged 18 and 21

Her guardian angel is her dog who is always by her side and books are her ‘shoes’ – she will often have three or more on the go.

Debbie’s passion and endless knowledge shines through from the moment you meet her. As a business woman I was curious to clarify ‘Who am I?’….the report provided is in-depth and simply fascinating.  I found myself nodding the whole way through, shocked by the results and amazed by the information that was put to paper. What I found more beneficial was the reports provided for my daughters. I often worry about their thoughts, behavior and future.  The results were incredible and in a way ‘lifted the weight from my shoulders’…. they taught me to be (even more) proud, confident and excited for my girls.  A must for every woman and mother! Kate Watts

Thank you so much for my Unique Energy Blueprint chart and report.  It is amazing!  It has answered so many questions.  I have spent my life working hard and trying to achieve goals/make things happen.  Now I know why I was doing the very opposite of what I should have been doing, and why they all were blocked from being ultimately successful.

The report was so accurate about my nature, the way that I think and respond.  But it also gave me the missing link.  The reasons why I had continual blocks.

You have now given me the blueprint of how to lead my future life.  How to tap into my true destiny and work in the way that I was meant to.  I will keep you updated Debbie, but I am now very hopeful.

I am so truly grateful and I would recommend everyone to have a reading with you to make sense of their life!

Jan Cassells-Waite

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