Debbie Buss finalist in the Mentor Of The Year category at the South Wales Women In Business Awards 2017

As a result of the coaching that I provide the women that I work with
•Move into greater clarity and focus.
•They feel more balanced within themselves and less reactive to external pressures and challenges,
•They are producing results in the areas of their lives that really matter , Improved relationships, creating more money
•They accomplish more productivity whilst using less time and energy .

It is the small changes behind the scenes that no one ever sees that lead to the bigger shifts .

“For those who want to achieve Inner Peace and a transformational shift in an area of your life that is causing you frustration and pain , by working with me in just 7 days I will show you how you can tap into your inner guidance and wake up the divine feminine and Masculine within you . Take action today, fill in your details on the contact form to request your free 30 minutes call “

Divine Guidance

6 weeks to living an authentic life



In this first step we dive into the deeper layers of your subconscious mind patterns and explore unresolved events, and into your feeling body (emotional body), this layer of you contains the imprints of the emotional aspects of your memories as well as your current emotional state , this is the bridge between your physical self and our thinking self .



Following on from step 1 and observing the feeling body , we now start to act on your emotional blockages by applying the tools to experience and release them. I will teach you tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique ) Tapping , trigger tracking to help you to release and heal and let go . We will also be using the inner child healing and past life regression therapies, by using these tools  is one step closer to being your authentic self and is determined by your willingness to trust and allow for change to take place within you.



During this step, we will start to piece together everything we have experienced and begin to align your emotional experience with your inner most desires .  We will be looking at how we can create a life that is an expression of your new authentic self, and how we can set intentions and use a technique I have worked with as a certified coach for the One of Many called soft power planning .  You will learn to harness the power of your emotions and allow the process to get much clearer about the right course of action to take and bring it to fruition and not only the power of our conscious mind and will power but also the power of our unconscious mind and our connection to the universe.

12 weeks to alignment and authentic power

This 12-week program is designed to help you create a major shift/transformation in an area of your life which is causing you frustration let go of the habits of (Superwoman )always stressed juggling 20things multi-tasking and create better results with less push and effort learn how to use a new kind of power to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to you. We will be working together in the first session to identify your intentions for the program and any barriers to your success. From that I will draw on dozens of tools and exercises to tailor the best program to help you get the results you want to see. You will discover your Women’s Power Types and how to use them to create the changes you want to see. I will hold you to account for taking action throughout the program. By the end of the 12-weeks you can expect a profound shift in how you approach everything in life, and significant results in the area we focus on for the course.


How do you awaken the divine
feminine and find your femininity?

When you work with me I will guide you and teach you the tools and techniques to transition you back into your forgotten body, and to help you rise into the divine feminine and Masculine .You must learn to trust your body and intuition ; my commitment is to guide you with grace and love so that you can integrate those qualities in every aspect of your life.

I will assist you with your journey ,there is no quick pill and no quick fixes, run the other way if someone else says otherwise.The divine feminine does not need to be created or cultivated within us as women.It is us.It is the essence of our choice to come into this life as women, let us embrace the energy within and nurture the delights of being a woman.

Divine Feminine energy represents within the universe the following aspects:

Restoration, Life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom,forgiveness,the moon, connection, harmony and sensuality

While you work with me we will dive into the deeper layers of the above representations and your subconscious mind patterns and explore unresolved events, their respective emotional imprint and how this imprint is manifesting itself in your life. To allow the divine feminine within ourselves to surface we need to search for these aspects within ourselves . You will find that you are more in touch with some aspects of your divine feminine nature and less in touch with others .

It is understandable how in today’s society , many of us would have suppressed these energies to cope with modern day life  pressure of work , family and relationships have a lasting and damaging effect on our bodies , especially for women , we are not designed to live in the masculine , therefore our monthly cycles are erratic, hormonal imbalance , weight gain and the reason for many infertility problems . Our womanhood is a unique expression of the divine feminine , coming into alignment is not about conforming to an archetypal idea of what the divine feminine is or isn’t . It’s about releasing the things that disallow our own unique feminine essence from radiating through us . It is about reclaiming who we really are .